Jeans fitguide

Jeans fitguide

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5 maart 2024

Jeans fitguide

PME Legend jeans are inpired by the adventurous life of the cargo pilot and everything that comes with it. Take a look at the PME Legend fit guide for detailed information about all the fits, features and washes.

16 oktober 2023

Winter Jackets

PME Legend winter jackets draw inspiration from classic flight jackets. Originally crafted for pilots, these jackets were essential in retaining body heat and ensuring comfort during extended flights.

16 maart 2023

The Norway Flight experience

From September to December 2022, lots of people participated in the Norway Flight Experience contest. On February 24, 2023, the time had come: ten winners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland left for Norway. Read all about the trip of a lifetime here!

4 april 2022

New Legends

Sturdy, comfortable and authentic - get ready for limitless adventures with the Tailwheel jeans and Nordrop cargo. Discover our new legends.

7 februari 2022

Modular jackets

Create the optimal jacket for every situation. The new modular jacket system from PME Legend consists of several layers – outer shells, a lightweight puffer jacket and a bodywarmer – that can be combined in a variety of ways.

4 oktober 2021

Nordrop Cargo pants

Introducing the PME Legend Nordrop Cargo.

12 april 2021


We have overhauled selected design icons and created new versions of them. The materials and styles have been updated and taken to a modern level.

3 februari 2020

About PME Legend

PME Legend is a lifestyle brand that symbolizes freedom, masculinity and adventure. Symbolized by the world of a cargo pilot based on classic propeller-driven cargo planes.