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Celebrating PME Legend

An homage to authentic garments worn by cargo pilots

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of PME Legend, the PME-333 compact collection pays homage to the authentic garments worn by classic pilots flying legendary cargo planes. The rugged style of the cargo pilot is once again brought to life through the release of the limited edition and numbered PME-333 line.

This extremely authentic compact collection combines nostalgic style with a truly contemporary, luxurious look and feel. Each garment tells a compelling story, from its original utilitarian functionality to the recurring use of Vc.333 - a reference to the cruising speed of a Douglas DC-3. Designed for those who desire a truly authentic garment.

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The story behind the PME-333 collection

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The collection

For those who desire a truly authentic garment

CG-4 Hadrian jacket

This PME 333 CG-4 Hadrian jacket is based on an original four pocket field jacket liner and can be buttoned out when needed. The different quilting patterns are based on the mending workmanship of the cargo pilot. He fixed his worn out jacket by using the fabric of a yellow cargo parachute. This color made him more visible when he was lost in the jungle. The yellow color used in this jacket is a tribute and reference to the cargo parachute.

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This heavy terry crew neck sweater is a regular fit from our authentic PME-333 collection. Nice combination with your favorite PME Legend jeans!

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A great regular fit from our authentic PME-333 collection with big yellow ‘wings’ and 333 artwork on the front. Made from classic mouline jersey.

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This PME Legend C-123 Provider Jacket is based on the original A2 flight jacket, designed by the us air force to use all year round. It’s shorter length and the use of distressed leather makes this a true cargo pilots icon. Giving them comfort and more freedom of movement. The distressed effect is added by a special sanding technique. The back panel has a pleat for extra movability. The jacket is softly washed to give it a worn look.

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The Charlie 47 cargo is a modern look on the classic M-1951 field trousers. These all weather pants are designed with buttons on the inside of the waist, so the optional field trouser liner can be buttoned in. The special treatment of the left hand twill gives the authentic army green colour pants a worn look.

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The PME-333 collection is exclusively sold in these stores.

The Netherlands

Peter Fashion & Trends

Marktstraat 29
4921 BE Made

Castelijn Fashion & Denim

Markt 71
6191 JK Beek


Weverstraat 6
6811 EL Arnhem

Morselt Mode

Grotestraat 199-205
7622 GH Borne

Fabert de Wit

Struytse Hoeck 86
3224 HB Hellevoetsluis

Zwijnenburg mode

Tolstraat 17
4231 BB Meerkerk

Just Brands Store

Langestraat 31
1811 JB Alkmaar

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Leidsestraat 24
1017 BP Amsterdam

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Demer 25-27
5611 AP Eindhoven

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Lijnbaan 79A
3012 EM Rotterdam

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Burgrmeester van Leeuwenpassage 19
2711 JV Zoetermeer

Just Brands Store

Schutterstraat 15
1315 VH Almere

Just Brands Store

Eindstraat 15-17
4811 KK Breda

Just Brands Store

Grote Houtstraat 67
2011 SE Haarlem

Just Brands Store

Heuvelstraat 49
5038 AB Tilburg

Just Brands Store

Binnenhof 77A
1181 ZJ Amstelveen

Just Brand Store

Spuistraat 18
2511 BD Den Haag

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Kerkstraat 43
1211 CL Hilversum

Just Brands Store

Oudegracht 115-117
3511 AG Utrecht

Just Brands Store

Diezerstraat 49
8011 RC Zwolle


PME Legend Store

Centroallee 135
46047 Oberhausen, Germany

Leffers GmbH & Co. KG. Leer

From 30.10. – 18.11
Muehlenstrasse 131
26789 Leer, Germany

Leffers GmbH & Co. KG

From 04.12. – 18.12.
Postfach 3509
26025 Oldenburg, Germany


From 20.11. – 02.12.
Auf dem Berge 1
24568 Kaltenkirchen, Germany


PME Legend Store

Meir 107
2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

PME Legend Store

Veldstraat 34-36
9000 Gent, Belgium


Manner Werk

From 01.11 - 31-11
Neugasse 24
9004 St. Gallen

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