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T-Shirts for men

Whoever needs a T-shirt: PME Legend has a broad range to offer every reason. In summer or winter, men wear t-shirts all year long. Short sleeve to long sleeve, we have got you covered. Unique to the PME Legend collection is the artwork, which is designed by our own crew. All T-shirt artwork is inspired by aviation. Plane speeds, runways, propellers, tools which are used to work on a plane, you name it. Our heritage is visable in every detail.

PME Legend T-shirts

All T-shirts have original features and are often reinforced with extra thread and linings to make them extra durable. Same as in the rest of the collection, PME Legend T-shirts don’t loose their shape and fit after one wash. The items are made to last: from the v-neck, round neck to the crewneck. Are you a muscled guy? Choose a XXXL version to fit around your arms. Are you planning on becoming one? Choose an S for now. We have all sizes available. Some shirts are called ‘grandad’ which doesn’t mean they are designed for you dad, but this is the name given to the buttoned-up top. Some T-shirts are tight, but most are designed in a normal to loose fit. Men work and play and your tee should give you some freedom of movement.

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