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PME Legend Sweaters

The sweater collection of PME Legend is all about aviation. Every season we have a collection inspired by tools, birds, propellers, flying, wings, motors and anything else relating to the lifestyle and surrounding of a cargo pilot. You can find these details on the sweaters in the badges, the embroidery or artwork. True sweaters for men. The inspiration always refers back to the heritage of our brand. 

Sweatshirts for men

Every guy should have multiple sweaters in their closet. They are comfortable, tough and the perfect item to wear in the weekend. Going to the gym or playing football with your friends: wear a sweater. Spending a day outdoors with your family: wear a sweater. Tooling outside on your bike or car in cold weather: wear a sweater. Going to the beach for a day until late night: take a sweater. The collection of PME Legend offers hooded sweaters (hoodies), with zipper and without. To wear them like a vest or not. You can also choose a crewneck sweater, without a collar or hood. That’s a classic design, but very modern again these days. Our sweaters are mostly produced in the colors blue, grey and black with some pop colors like red. The design is always tough and manly, the interior is always made of a soft fabric to keep you warm and comfortable.

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