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Shoes for men

Looking for a good pair of sneakers, airy sandals or a tough pair of boots? Look no further. Online we have the largest collection PME Legend shoes. We offer a broad range of durable shoes for men. The size range varies from 40 to 47, so no matter if you are a big guy, we have got you covered. Our full collection has a broad range of sizes. 

Sneakers, sandals or boots

The sneaker collection includes a combination of leather shoes and light canvas sneakers. In winter we use fake fur for the inner lining of the sneakers to make them comfortable and warm. We like to play with denim fabrics and suede for summer. Our footwear collection comes in neutral colors like blue, green, brown and black. Just a good pair of durable shoes to match your jeans. Each year we are optimizing the collection and extending the pieces you liked most. Do you have a question about the sizing? Just give our customer support team a call. Also, delivery and returns are for free, so feel free to order multiple sizes to try on at home.

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