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Shirts for men

Roll-up your sleeves and wear your shirt open. No men every fixed a bike, car or plane with a buttoned-up shirt. But of course, we do have to appear well groomed for work or at home sometimes, so make sure to choose a dressed shirt in linen, cotton or denim as well. We have shirts to cover you all year long. Long sleeves with a more thick fabric in winter and short sleeve shirts for summer. All in a variety of colors, from blue, red and green to neutral black and white.

The Midnight shirts are made for dinners like Christmas and birthdays and will always be restocked this season. Choose a shirt with a print to stand out a bit. PME Legend prints are always inspired by aviation, making them unique. You can spot some propellor shapes or even nature inspired prints in the collection. The cargo shirts stand out by their ticket material, they will last a lifetime.