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PME Legend Sale

The Sale has started! We give our customers and fans the privilegde to shop first in sale! Do you have any other questions or you looking for a specific product? Don't hestitate to contact our customer service team, we are happy to help you out.

We always offer the largest online Sale collection of PME Legend clothes for men. Starting from -30%, we are going to release different parts of the collection over time. We are starting with a broad range of T-shirts, Jackets and Pants in Sale. Followed up by sale jeans, which are perfect to wear in the summer season. Some classic styles like the Commander 2 jeans, Bare Metal jeans and Skyhawk jeans will be available. PME Legend sale items are always available in the sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL. But you have to be quick to get your size, you never know when your Sale favorite is going to be sold out.

Start Winter Sale

The winter Sale starts December and in summer it starts in June. You’ll receive a discount of 30% on the selected items in this sale category. You are able to find garments of the previous season, but now with an advantage. So did you regret not buying a piece of the spring collection? It might be in Sale now! Or do you love a certain pair of pants, underwear or shirt you bought this season? This is the last stock available, so you have to be quick to get a hold of your favorite pieces. This is your last chance to order an item of the spring collection! Don’t miss out on Sale.

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