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PME-333 collection

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of PME Legend, the PME-333 compact collection pays homage to the authentic garments worn by cargo pilots flying the legendary Douglas DC-3 cargo plane. As you navigate your way to an icy, high-mountain landing strip in a classic Douglas DC-3 cargo plane, you’re prepared for whatever the sky throws at you. Serving as a pilot, navigator, mechanic and weather forecaster at the same time, requires constant adaption to the extremities encountered. In such demanding conditions your gear shouldn’t be one of your concerns.

Limited edition

To create the ultimate PME Legend cargo aviation experience, the rugged, heavy-duty garments of PME-333 are designed for those who desire a truly authentic garment. Heavily inspired on the durable garments worn by the cargo pilots of bygone times, the collection combines nostalgic style with a contemporary, luxurious look and feel. Quality garments that blend style, comfort and functionality. The collection offers a complete range of styles, from leather jackets to shirts, jumpers, jeans and cargo pants. In honor of the rich, utilitarian cargo aviation heritage of PME Legend, each item has a unique story to tell.

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