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Pants for men

PME Legend pants are all about functionality. The details, reinforcements and canvas are all picked with the thought in mind that men work outside, travel a lot and their gear should be the least of their problems. Cargo pants are the most functional pair, with classic side pockets. It’s part of the cargo pilot’s uniform: hard wearing, rugged and comfortable. Some even have a water repellent surface. We choose lighter fabrics for our pants in summer, like the Beach pants, and more thick ones for winter.

Also PME Legends classic fits like the Bare Metal, Commander, Skymaster, Nightflight an Aviator come in a non-denim canvas. These pants are created next to the jeans collection, the offer you some variation. Just like the jeans, some have more room on the upper leg if you are a more muscled guy. A chino pants can be more classic and styled. Perfect is you have to dress up for a ceremony, work or Christmas. A PME Legend pair of pants is always created with a no-nonsense attitude, making you feel comfortable in what you wear.

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