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Leather PME Legend jackets for men

Leather jackets can be worn in any season. With the ever changing weather conditions, leather jackets are here to protect you from rain, wind and cold. Iconic in classic aviation is the Leather Greenville Jacket, a true PME Legend piece. Durable, made from thick buffalo leather. Finished with a special oil wash to make the leather jacket waterproof. Treat this jacket carefully and it will last a lifetime. It is one of the heroes of the collection, fully representing the heritage of our brand. 

Leather jackets and sheepskins

Another icon in classic aviation: the PME Legend Sheepskin jacket, also called a Lammy coat. Authentic in every detail. The leather jacket is made of sheepskin, also called shearling. With leather hide on one side, and soft fleece on the other. The fleece of sheepskin has excellent insulating properties, so it is a perfect jacket to protect and keep you warm. Jackets made from sheepskin are top-of-the-line thanks to their unique craftsmanship. It even used to protect pilots from electric shocks. Know how to care for this jacket and it will be your best buy ever. PME Legend jackets usually come in brown, black or grey colors. In case you have any questions about the leather, treatment or history of the jackets, just give our customer support team a call. They will be happy to give you more information. 

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