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Jackets for men

Jackets in the PME Legend collection are well crafted and designed to protect you in all weather conditions. Every jacket has its own technical finish to make it dirt repellent, waterproof or resistant. Perfect if you like the outdoors. All styles have reinforced seams for durability and practical pockets. Authentic designs of classic aviation gear are the inspiration of the collection. This is reflected in all bomber jackets, authentically designed to prevent stuff from falling out when a cargo pilot is flying upside down.

The tough life of the cargo pilot is reflected in all winter jackets and summer jackets. Robust fabrics, comfortable fits and tough shapes, to be worn by real men. Colors like dark blue, brown, black and army green return every season. Pop-colors like red and bright blue are new this season. Some have caps, sometimes removable. In case you have any question on how to style your jacket, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team.

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