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Men’s clothing

The PME Legend collection is inspired by aviation, made for real men. Every detail of the collection is inspired by the authentic cargo pilots uniform, our heritage. A true cargo pilot carries only a few essentials. They travel light and easy, wearing comfortable but tough clothing that can stand up to the extreme elements they work and live in. Always flying and travelling, feeling freedom unlimited. No pilot is without a trusted leather flying jacket, cargo pants and hard-wearing jeans.

Clothes for men

Every piece in the PME Legend collection is designed by our own team, keeping our brand values in mind: masculine, adventurous, durable, essential and original. These clothes for men are all about reliable gear where you can put trust in. Your wear should work for you, giving you freedom of movement and comfort. Suited for any job you have to fix. We offer eight different collections each year, both focusing on spring summer and fall winter. The heroes of our collection are our jeans and leather pilot jackets. In summer we include shorts, polo’s, T-shirts and even swimshorts in the collection. In winter we focus on winter jackets, knits and sweaters. All year round we offer accessories, belts, bags, underwear, shoes, shirts, blazers and actually anything you can imagine in a full clothing range. From the sizes S to XXXL.

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