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The experience

You will fly along with a private Dakota DC-3 through Norway and at the various stops you will take part in activities in Norwegian style. The trip is completely focused on the passion of PME Legend: adventure, adrenaline and aeronautics. You'll get the chance to see what exactly drives PME Legend.

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Day 1: 23 august 2018

All prize winners will be invited to Amsterdam to visit PME Legend's European headquarters. All winners will receive their favourite PME Legend outfit. You fly with a scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Sandefjord. After your arrival you will have the unique opportunity to test your own airworthiness and receive flying lessons.


Day 2: 24 augustus 2018

The Dakota takes us to Haugesund. Here you go bungee jumping and the day ends with a BBQ and wildlife camping.


Day 3: 25 august 2018

We're taking the Dakota to Bergen. A new adventure awaits you there; paragliding, if you dare.


Day 4: 26 august 2018

De laatste dag krijg je nogmaals de kans om je eigen luchtwaardigheid te testen maar dan op een andere manier. Eerst in de windtunnel en als je het aandurft, in het echt: Skydiven. De reis van je leven is achter de rug en sluiten we af met de retourvlucht naar Amsterdam.

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