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In remote landscapes, cargo pilots issue their own clearance for takeoff. A walk along the wing provides the perfect vantage point to confirm if the runway is long enough.

Our journey

For 25 years, the story of PME Legend has been entwined with the legendary expeditions of the last frontier of cargo pilots and their incredible flying machines. These pilots – the 'cowboys of the sky' – are hardworking, and they demand the same from their workwear. The rugged, functional and long-lasting traits of their flying essentials are echoed in the design standard and premium craftsmanship of every PME Legend collection.


In this rugged scene, cargo pilots depend on quality, comfortable clothing that meets the high demands of their strenuous lifestyles – time and time again.

A legend is airborne

PME Legend is borne out of cargo pilots and their classic planes. Pilots who exist on the fringe, with an innate sense of adventure and an authentic no-sweat attitude. As free as condors, they fly low over mountains and deep into jungles, adventuring with total abandon. This is their story, and PME Legend is our tribute.

The man and the machine

Behind the set of wings and the hands that fly it
From the Douglas Dakota DC-3 to the Curtiss Commando, the planes and the pilots behind them are legends of the skies. Many of the propliners still flying deep into the wilderness started their working lives over 80 years ago. These planes are the real heroes, writing their own place into the history books as they continue to defy the march of time.

The fundamental design of a pilot's cargo pants has been the same since their planes were built. A classic can't be beaten – which is why we've left the template unchanged.

See the story behind the legend

From the pilots to their propliners, learn more about the heroes that serve as inspiration for the PME Legend brand in our selection of short films.

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