Legends of the sky

A cargo pilot carries only a few essentials. They travel light and easy, wearing comfortable but tough clothing that can stand up to the extreme elements. No pilot is without a trusted leather flying jacket, cargo pants and hard-wearing jeans.

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True Pieces of aviation

Suited for the job

Tailored for comfort

Combined with a cargo touch

PME Legend American Classic is at once a reference and tribute to the cargo propliners that reflect a special time in aviation history.

Essential wear

Tough fabrics deliver comfortable fits

Cargo pilots fly their silver birds deep into the jungle, supplying remote populations with food, fuel and medicine.

Suited for the job

A flight jacket is part of the cargo pilot’s uniform

Working in extremely cold climates (up to -40 degrees celsius) means cranking up the engines before take-off to ensure they defrost. As a result, clothing needs to be fit for time spent waiting in extreme conditions.

As free as the condors they fly with, cargo pilots travel low over mountains and deep into the jungle with freedom unlimited.

Gear to perform

Cargo pilots are looking for just two things - freedom and adventure

Rugged, hardwearing materials form the essence of clothing that is crafted for the 'cowboys of the skies'.