PME Legend Heritage Sheepskin



Tested daily by cargo pilots worldwide.

Flying high in cold altitudes or hauling crates on the ground, tough but comfortable clothing is the only choice. The sheepskin jacket was designed from scratch to conserve body heat and provide comfort on long flights. These traditional leather jackets epitomize quality craftsmanship and integrity of design.

From the selection of specific leather qualities to the execution of every detail. The arms of the flying jacket were designed with extra stiffness to give the pilots arms greater stability when piloting their machines and take the strain on long flights, giving them some ‘rest’.

Leather A Unique Natural Material

The leather jackets of PME Legend American Classic collection are made of a first-class, top-quality product:


The process of transforming leather skins into a jacket demands maxium craftsmanship and know-how.
The skins and hides are carefully processed. This process compromises the following steps;

With the care and expertise, our buyers purchase the finest selection of unprocessed skins. Each skin is subsequently cleaned with salt. The fat and hair is removed using sodium sulphide.

Because the cleaned skin is too thick to be processed, it is split into three parts in order to achieve the desired thickness:

  1. The upper surface: the most beautiful part of the skin used for leather jackets
  2. The intermediate surface: used in suede jackets
  3. The lower surface: used for shoe soles, etc

Chrome salts are used to tan the leather and preservatives are applied to make the skin more durable. The grain is then naturally treated using animal enzymes to make the leather soft and supple. This further enhanced by the use of aniline dyes and leather oils, which provide improved coloration and added suppleness. All the skins PME Legend uses for its leather jackets have been treated through with aniline dyes.

The skin is stretched tautly during the drying process. This eliminates the excess elasticity and gives the skin an even suppleness. Dry skins are checked for thickness and damage and are divided into quality classes. PME Legend uses exclusively the best quality.

The final step. Finishing can include various treatments. For example, the leather can be dyed or imprinted with a grain design, processes that are often aimed at hiding imperfections. PME Legend chooses not to use these processes because they damage the natural character of the leather. The leather is, however, given a thin protective coating of oil. For Nubuck leather the only extra treatment entails a light abrasion of the top layer.

Get to know the skins' special features

Only cow, buffalo, calf, goat and sheepskins are used for leather jackets. The availability and price of the skins largely depends upon the skin production. This is in turn determined by the global cattle stocks.

-- Cow

Top quality skins. These extremely supple and strong skins have a slight grain structure. In order to retain this character, the leather is treated with aniline dye or oiled. These skins are used extensively in the PME Legend collection.

-- Buffalo

The “largest” of the skins, with a clear grain structure and wrinkles. Extremely suited to rugged and masculine finishes that perfectly reflect the character of the cargo pilot.

-- Goat

This skin is proof that good come in small packages. It is an extremely supple leather that has a fine grain structure and visible wrinkles and backbone. Ideal for smaller jackets, or jackets with multiple seams.

The wide range of looks of the skins

-- Nappa

Extremely supple leather with a smooth surface, dyed through and trough. The leather has a transparent layer, so the natural grain shows through.

-- Nubuck

A light abrasion of the top layer creates a velvety soft upper layer. These skins are treated through and trough with soluble dyes and oil.

-- Suede

This is the intermediate surface of the split leather and has a velour-like appearance. Suede is treated aniline dye. Calf and goat suede are the most beautiful varieties.

-- Pull-up

After dying, these skins are injected with oil. The leather is subsequently stretched so that the oil spreads and creates colour nuances.

The Making of a PME Legend Original

Just like the preparation, this entails a careful step-by-step process to create the finished product.
It’s carried out by experienced craftsmen with painstaking precision.

  • The best sort of leather is selected
  • Specialists draw the patterns on multiple skins
  • The patterns are cut out of the skin by hand with utmost precision
  • The pattern pieces are checked for colour irregularities
  • Experienced craftsmen sew the outside of the leather jacket together
  • The zipper, buttons and [embroidery] threads are carefully selected according to color
  • A special department provides a tailor-made sewn lining
  • Only the finest materials are used for the collar and facing
  • Trained professionals attach the buttons to the jacket using a special procedure
  • After each process, the jacket is checked down to the minutest detail

Just like the preparation, this entails a careful step-by-step process to create the finished product.
It’s carried out by experienced craftsmen with painstaking precision.

  • Only this logo is proof of top quality
  • Designates our PME Legend authentic models
  • Each zipper with propeller puller features long-lasting quality
  • Buttons attached with metal thread for maximum durability
  • The telephone pocket is also made of high-quality leather
  • Real detachable sheepskin collar
The Icon of Classic Gear

A sheepskin… inside out. A top product thanks to a unique process: the fleece side is retained and the skin side is processed into smooth leather. This provides ultimate wearing comfort. And provides natural heat regulation like no other material. A star in the PME Legend collection.

The PME Legend American Classic sheepskin will give you years of pleasure if you follow these instructions:

The outside of the jacket is leather and should be treated as such. Leather wax should be applied to the entire jacket once every six months, or every month in case of heavy use. If necessary, waterproofing should then be applied. Without this, the colour of the nappa side will begin to scuff and fade. Sometimes this authentic look is exactly what is desired.

Leather is natural product: each skin is unique. Factors such as race, age, gender, food, climate, insect bites and scars leave their marks on the skin. So don’t ever see wrinkles, creases and irregularities as “blemishes”: they are what gives character to this exceptional material.

Leather lives. It responds to our body temperature and becomes more and more supple and beautiful with wear. A PME Legend jacket that might seem a bit tight at first will naturally loosen through wear. And will even fit better the longer you wear it.

New leathers [especially dark colours] can bleed. Before wearing it for the first time, treat your PME Legend leather jacket PME Legend Waterproof spray [please refer to the “dear to care” section]. In the case of nubuck or suede, we recommend that you wear garments of a similar colour and protect seats with cushion.

Do's and Don'ts


  • If you get your jacket wet, make sure it is left to dry naturally. If the jacket then feels stiff, apply leather wax with a clean soft cloth
  • Always hang your jacket on a special hanger with rounded "shoulders"
  • If you wish to store your jacket, hang it in a cotton bag [never use plastic]
  • If your suede or nubuck jacket has smooth or greasy spots, you can rub specific parts gently with a scouring-block or a soft piece of polyether


  • Note that your PME Legend leather jacket isn’t a raincoat; in fact, to much water disastrous!
  • Note that the use of abrasives, cologne or hair products will negatively affect your jacket
  • Do not store in a warm closet, this dries out the leather!
  • We don’t recommend dry-cleaning your PME Legend leather jacket; it can change the look of the jacket and cause the colour to fade. Dry-cleaning should only be done by reputable firms
  • Sunlight can influence the colour of leather. Never leave your PME Legend leather jacket on the rear window shelf of your car.
Dare to Care
PME Legend Weatherproof Spray


Fully protects all types of leather against water and stains. Spray directly after purchase, and then every six months after cleaning.

PME Legend Suede & Nubuck Cleaner


Suede and nubuck Conditioner spray is a powerful stain remover that can eliminate even stains caused by tar and oil without leaving rings.

PME Legend Leather Conditioner


Cleans and nourishes all types of dyed and coated leather in a single application. Also creates water resistance. Not for brushed leathers, such as suede and nubuck.

PME Legend Leather Wax


Complete protection for your leather jacket, keeping it supple and soft. Feed your leather jacket every six months, or with heavy use, every month.

How to take care of your sheepskin


You can clean the interior of your sheepskin jacket or collar by hand washing the inside of the jacket with detergent suitable for wool. Dry naturally. Alternatively, it can be treated with dry carpet shampoo and then use vacuum cleaner.